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Wheelchair Rental or Purchase | Travel and Life Tips

When considering wheelchair rental or purchase, several factors need to be considered from mobility needs to value of resale. Here are a few tips and tricks for you as you look for this important tool:

Length of Use

Determine how long you’ll need the wheelchair and whether renting over that period of time will be cost effective.

Purpose & Assistance

Does it need to be extra durable or have heavy-use/outdoor wheels? Does the user need assistance for maneuvering the wheelchair? If so, consider the investment in an electric chair if they require independence or an easy-to-push chair for the helper.

Future Selling

After using the wheelchair, will you be selling it? If so, will the resale value be high or low based on the model, length of use, and wear & tear?

Repair Costs

When renting, repairs and routine maintenance is often covered. Purchasing moves that responsibility to the buyer. Take some time to look up the costs of these services and weigh whether the purchase is worth it.

Type of Billing

Are you able to afford the upfront cost of a purchase? Are no-interest payment plans available? Or, is a monthly rental fee the best option for you? Sometimes doctors can prescribe a rental to provide a reduced rate or allow insurance to cover some of the cost.


Are you going to be traveling anytime soon? Renting at a destination may be easier if flying from place to place. Amusement parks and more established tourist locations often have wheelchair rental options available. Make sure to search for these offers when planning your next trip.


Lastly, whether looking to wheelchair rental or purchase, there are key features that will greatly affect the price and functionality of the chair you choose.
Lite Rider PTC - electric wheelchair rental

  • Stability
  • Collapsible
  • Size / Weight
  • Safety Standards
  • Comfort
  • Terrain

All of these details may be daunting, so we highly recommend talking to a professional medical equipment expert that can evaluate your needs, match you with the right equipment, and help you find the best way to purchase or rent.

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