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Winter Wheelchair Mobility | Recommendations for Safety and Ease

Wheelchair accessibility and mobility are always top priority, but certain factors can cause additional worry. Winter weather is one such situations. As the holidays are upon us and family gatherings are common, we thought it would be helpful to discuss some recommendations for winter wheelchair mobility. The following are some tips to ensure safety and keep your mind at ease this cold season.

snow shovel | winter wheelchair mobility | Pacific Medical Supply Salem Oregon

Snow Tires

Although it may sound strange at first, wheelchairs and mobility scooters do, in fact, need snow tires. These are more durable and capable of handling tougher terrain. So, before going out during inclement weather, see if a set of snow tires is best for your chair or scooter.

Clear Pathways

Climbing over a pile of snow in a wheelchair is not everyone’s favorite task nor is it safe. Make sure you or someone else clears pathways, driveways, sidewalks, etc. to allow for clear passage from point A to point B.

Be Prepared

  • Fill prescriptions
  • Keep a cell phone with you
  • Have back-up power sources
  • Check your wheelchair batteries
  • Make sure your pantry has enough food
  • Have a first-aid kit in your house and car
  • Dress warm (and keep extra socks, gloves, hats with you)

Winter can be unpredictable, so stock up and always have access to things like food, medication, warm clothes, wheelchair/scooter batteries, a phone, and a first-aid kit. By preparing for the worst, you’ll be able to rest easy regardless of the circumstances.

Contact Others

If you’re leaving the house, let someone know ahead of time so they can check up if they don’t hear back from you. Have others who rely on mobility devices do the same. Always have emergency contacts programmed into your phone (home and cell) just in case.

Service your Wheelchair

Lastly, make sure your wheelchair or mobility scooter is properly serviced. Having it in tip-top shape means easy and safe traveling even if only from the kitchen to the living room.


If you have any questions or concerns about your winter wheelchair mobility or medical supplies this winter, give us a call at 503-585-2027 or fill out our contact form.