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Lift Chairs Bringing In-Home Comfort

Mobility is important for health and vitality.  Aging, surgery, and arthritis are among a few things that can reduce your mobility.  The good news is that there are many helpful resources available to keep your independence, reduce risk of injury, and ultimately, improve daily living! We want to help you find comfort in your home with lift chairs, canes, and other medical supplies to enable you to enjoy your lifestyle.

Lift chairs look like recliners but function automatically, using a mechanism that can raise and lower the chair.  This assistance for standing and sitting gives you freedom to enjoy your daily activities, reduce risk of injury, and keep you more active by making it easier to get in and out of your chair.  If you have a caregiver that currently provides assistance, a lift chair can also help reduce and prevent caregiver injuries.

Though lift chairs help you get in and out of your chair easier, don’t use that as an excuse to sit more. Keep active and moving as much as possible, within the guidelines provided to you by your doctor and physical or occupational therapists.

Pacific Medical Supply will help you find the right chair for your needs. We have several floor models to try and you can order a variety of styles, fabric, and colors. Call or stop in today.  Our customer service staff is ready to serve you!

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