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When Should You Consider Using a Sling?

When Should You Consider Using a Sling?

Slings are mobility aids or medical devices that are used to immobilize a person’s arm, shoulder, or both, in order to promote healing and protect the user’s range of motion.  There are a number of different reasons a person might consider using a sling.  We’ve outlined some of these use cases in this post, but if you have questions about the sling, or whether using one is the right option for you, please consult either our team of professionals and/or your medical provider.

Slings are easy to use, adjustable, and do not cause discomfort to the user.  Because of these reasons, they are often recommended to reduce pain and promote healing.  The use of a sling may also be prescribed after certain medical procedures.

Injuries to the hand, wrist, or forearm

When a person injures their hand, wrist or forearm, resulting in a wound or bleeding injury, a sling helps to keep that injury elevated and immobilized, promoting healing.  Strains and sprains are painful injuries that can result from a number of different situations, such as slips and falls.  Immobilizing the affected extremity can help reduce pain and promote healing.

Supporting a cast or splint

In some cases, when a cast or splint is used below the elbow, a medical professional may suggest the use of a sling. In the case of older patients, slings help to provide comfort and avoid exhaustion during the healing process.


After surgeries affecting the shoulder or arm, a medical professional will often recommend the use of a sling.  Immobilization helps promote the desired effect of the procedure.

Other surgeries such as the implantation of a pacemaker or stint may result in the recommended use of a sling.


After suffering a stroke, a person may experience lasting effects.  Some of these effects involve paralysis in a shoulder or arm.  A sling can help provide support and comfort for a person experiencing these effects.

Pacific Medical Supply offers affordable universal arm slings, that art as comfortable as they are functional.  Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members if you are considering how the use of a sling may help you or a loved one gain comfort, and healing.

Please consult a medical professional with all questions concerning the prescribed use of a sling, the duration for the use of this medical aid, or questions about your specific health and well-being.

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