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Peace of Mind for Caregivers


Peace of Mind for Caregivers

A simple piece of equipment can reduce fall risks for loved ones, and stress for caregivers.

As our loved ones grow older, the list of things that we have to potentially worry about grows longer. We worry about their health and wellness, or quality of life most of all.  While some solutions are a bit more complicated, there are a few simple steps that we can take to help ease some of these worries; especially regarding accidents like slips and falls.


Many times, slips and falls happen in the bathroom. Our loved ones are alone, and at risk, as they try to maneuver in a tight space.  Simple solutions can be installed in the home and greatly reduce these risks. Such as, grab bars, safety frames, portable shower chairs, stools, and commodes. These are low-cost safety aids that can be purchased through our friendly staff.

Each of these safety and mobility solutions is easy to install, often simply requiring that the item is placed in the appropriate location.  Grab bars and shower chairs don’t impinge upon the life or freedom of residents but subtly improve upon it.  And often, these are a low-cost alternative to having an in-home caregiver to watch over the individual.

Pacific Medical Supply offers a wide range of shower and bathroom safety aids that are designed to provide safety and freedom for those with limited mobility.  Our friendly staff members are trained to offer customer support and assistance with all of the medical and mobility products that we offer.

If you have been thinking about how you can keep your loved ones safe, maintain their independence longer, and/or gain peace of mind about their well-being, give us a call today.   Or just ask your neighbors.  Pacific Medical Supply has been improving the lives of the residents of Salem for over 50 years.

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