Elderly woman in kitchen washing vegetables over sink - maintaining independence

Maintain Your Independence

Elderly woman in kitchen washing vegetables over sink - maintaining independence

Manual Mobility Aids for Home and Beyond

When you need a bit of help to get around, there are a lot of options from which to choose. Even when your doctor prescribes the use of a specific manual mobility aid, how do you know from whom to purchase that aid.  And what if you only need that cane, or wheelchair for a short time?

You need someone to talk to, an expert that understands your health and the needs that it demands. You need someone who takes the time to listen to you, and how this health issue has impacted your life. You need the friendly experts at Pacific Medical Supply.

Our team has been helping people right here in the Mid-Valley area for over 50 years. Since we first started, our mission has been simple: to help our neighbors maintain their health and independence, while providing outstanding customer support. Today we offer canes, manual four-wheeled walkers, wheelchairs and power scooters.

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Our Nova canes free you from the uncomfortable and bulky crutches that can hinder your movement just about as much as they help you get around. These options are sleek and colorful, unlike some of their older, outdated counterparts. Nova canes also are available for less than $35.00.


Pacific Medical Supply offers a range of walkers based on your individual needs. We start with two simple two-wheeled walkers for those that need a bit of help walking or carrying items like groceries. From there, we offer two four-wheeled options that feature hand brakes. These offer additional support and stability, especially on uneven pavement.


Knee scooters, available for short-term rentals are another great mobility aid option for injuries sustained below the knee. These manual scooters provide the stability and sturdiness of a walker, or cane without putting stress on the upper body.

Wheel Chairs

With a transport chair for quick trips, and a full wheel chair for extended use, Pacific Medical has your mobility needs covered. Speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members today to learn more about the specific features of each of these two mobility aids.