icy sidewalk-yellow caution sign-fall prevention-baby its cold outside

Baby It’s Cold Outside

icy sidewalk-yellow caution sign-fall prevention-baby its cold outside

What You Should Know About Ice and Fall Prevention

Winter is most definitely here. While it might look beautiful, Winter’s chill creates issues for everyone (mobility limitations or not). Freezing rain, leaking or icicle laden gutters, poorly maintained sidewalks are all common hazards during these next few months.  But as much as we might like to, we can’t hunker down and hibernate. Instead, being diligent about fall prevention is paramount.  And of course, Pacific Medical Supply is here to help.

Watch Your Step

It’s obvious enough, but many slips and falls start with something that we might have or should have seen. Bracing against the wind, on cold days we bury our faces in our coats, which can cause us to miss important signs. Hunching against the wind can prevent us from looking up and noticing icicles which can drip onto sidewalks or break free. In this same way, we might also only see a few steps in front of our feet, not noticing ice and snow ahead until it’s too late.

Use Caution, or an Aid

If you are worried about slipping and falling during these winter months, considering the use of a cane or mobility aid can help to give you additional support and security. If you already have or use one of these aids, it’s a good time to check the condition of the rubber stopper on the bottom. The rubber adds traction but overtime can become brittle or worn down. If you have questions about these aids or need a repair, give us a call today.

If You See Something, Say Something

While it might not help in the moment, reporting unsafe conditions can help to ensure fall prevention in the future. Due to busy schedules, simple things can often go amiss. If a floor is wet from melting snow, an employee can mop it up or place a wet floor sign to help prevent others from slipping. Dangerous icicles should be removed from buildings that loom over walkways. Sidewalks need to be maintained. A simple, friendly word to an associate can help prevent these problems from causing your fall.

After a Fall

Even if a fall seems innocent enough, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor or another medical professional. Leaving a small problem untreated can lead to larger, more serious problems down the road.  If your medical professional suggests a brace, mobility aid or other medical device, we have you covered, and at the best prices. Give our trained associates a call to inquire about the options we provide.