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Avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder this Winter

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Did you know that staying active and getting out of doors safely can go a long way to avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder?

During the colder months of the year, many of us tend to spend more time in our homes.  This limited mobility can cause what many today know as Seasonal Affective Disorder.  The lack of natural light, combined with the limited social contact, and boredom that comes with being stuck inside can bring on depression.  This can hit seniors and those with mobility hard as getting outside in various weather conditions might create a fall risk or pose a danger to their wellbeing.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how mobility aids, and how these simple tools can lower dependency and promote safety, while also mitigating seasonal affective disorder.

Preparing for the Colder Temperatures: Getting Dressed

One of the main ways to fight off seasonal depression is to get outside and remain active. The proper clothing when going outside is imperative.  But sometimes putting on that clothing can be difficult.  Heavy jackets can be cumbersome and putting them on might mean the risk of losing your balance.  Having a chair or stool near your warm winter clothing can help keep you safe while preparing to go outside.

Warm socks and boots are also very important both for warmth, but also for safety.  Putting these on can also be a chore.  Using a dressing aid can drastically help reduce the amount of time and strain one might endure while putting these items on.

Pacific Medical Supply offers a number of these aids for daily living which you can view and learn more about here.

Getting Around Safely

Having three points of contact, both of your feet, and being able to steady yourself by placing your hand on something sturdy, can dramatically increase safety while moving around out of doors.  Even if you don’t require a can or a walker in the warmer temperatures, using one during snowy or icy conditions can limit your risk of falling.  Using one of these manual mobility aids provides you with a third point of contact to make moving around safer.  These aids are like having a railing to hold onto wherever you go.

Pacific Medical not only offers a variety of aids to provide mobility and safety, but we have a trained staff ready to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have for yourself or a loved one.

Other Ways to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder

Getting outside isn’t the only way to beat the Winter Blah’s. There are some other simple things that we can do to make our worlds feel bigger and our days feel longer.

Facetime with people you love is important, but we cannot always physically spend time with these people.  This is especially true during the colder months.  Modern technology has offered us more ways to connect visually and feel like you’re with those you love without having to leave the comfort of your home.  These experiences can help people to feel more social, to stay in touch without the fear of becoming isolated during the colder months.

Darkness is a big factor when it comes to seasonal depression.  Another technological advancement now offers us light bulbs or lamps that mimic daylight.  Bringing these brighter tones into our homes can help to chase away the darkness and give our bodies the sunlight they crave.  These lights and fixtures can be found online or in other retail locations.

We might not enjoy the colder weather, but by making small changes, we might be able to muddle through it a bit better by avoiding seasonal affective disorder and the unpleasantness it brings with it.  Let us know if you have questions about how to stay active indoors, how to use aids safely, or if you’re interested in learning more about any of our products.