Stay Safe and Enjoy Traveling with Rental Equipment from Pacific Medical

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Eliminate the hassle by renting an aid from the experts at Pacific Medical Supply

Staying home while family and friends get together is a real bummer. Limited mobility shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the get togethers you enjoy so much, but for many it does. Whether the long distance seems daunting, or the weather makes traveling just not worth the risk, you or your loved ones don’t need to miss out.

Whether you’re traveling by plane across the country, or visiting just down the street, Pacific Medical has no hassle mobility aid rentals that can help get you there safely. Pack just what you need and leave the worry behind. Whether you’re in need of a wheelchair for the longer distances, or just a walker to limit the risk of slipping and falling, we have exactly what you need. In fact, we have wheelchairs, wheeled walkers, knee scooters, and more.

Do you have loved one with mobility issues coming to stay for a visit? Consider renting a mobility aid to help your loved one have the best experience while staying safe. Nothing is greater than the gift of health and wellness. Making travel less of a risk or burden can mean the world for some who experience limited mobility.

Experts and Quality Service to go with the rental

Not sure just what you need? Give our friendly experts a call and let us help determine just the right option for you or your loved one this year. Each of our staff members are trained on all of the various mobility aids offered by Pacific Medical Supply. We can also help with questions about how to use or gain access to airline approved mobility aids to ensure a stress-free flight. Additionally, their friendly and passionate about what they do. This means that they are ready and waiting to walk you through the process of renting just the right aid for your needs.

Why Rent?

When you rent a mobility aid from Pacific Medical Supply, you gain access to top quality options at a fraction of the cost to purchase these items. When you no longer need it, simply return it. This way you don’t have to worry about storage, service or upkeep, or anything else really.

Family time is precious. Let us help you enjoy time with them as often as possible.

Wishing you all a Happy and Joyous New Year!