Senior Riding Motor Scooter by green fields under blue sky

How to Talk to Seniors About Introducing a Mobility Aid

Senior Riding Motor Scooter by green fields under blue sky

It’s Less About Aging and More About Freedom

For many people, getting older isn’t something to which you look forward. In fact, some downright dread it and everything that comes with it. Lack of mobility is one of the major inspirations for this dread. It signals not only the body beginning to fail, but loss of independence, loss of youth, and it confronts us with our fears of what’s next.

When thinking about introducing a mobility aid to an aging friend or family member, it’s important to keep all of these thoughts and emotions in mind. If you simply suggest the aid, your loved one may fire back at you, or shut down and not speak to you at all about it. Instead, try some of these simple tips that we’ve outlined below.

Open a Dialogue About Their Health and Happiness

When someone is in pain, or their mobility is limited, it affects more than their physical body. It hurts mentally and spiritually as well. Rather than suggesting a mobility aid, which might feel to the person like you are throwing their age in their face, start an open conversation around the issue. Ask them about their pain. Ask them how it has impacted their life or inhibited their life. And then as you speak about this in an open and honest way, you can lead them around to the option of a mobility aid.

Talk to Their Doctor

Sometimes, an objective opinion is all you need. If you are involved in the healthcare of the loved one who is facing the need of a mobility aid, speaking to their doctor can help in two different ways. The first, a healthcare provider can give you helpful information about the way a condition which limits mobility can either worsen or impact quality of life. This can help you with the first suggestion of having an open dialogue about their health. The second way speaking to their healthcare team can be beneficial, is that they can bring a mobility aid up as an option without the emotionally charged response we might get as friends or family.

Suggest a Trial Period

Committing to life with a cane, wheelchair, scooter, etc. is a big step. It can feel like a life sentence for someone who is used to being healthy and independent. Asking the individual to try a mobility aid before investing in one, can empower them to make the choice for themselves. By renting a mobility aid, your friend or loved one can test it out and make an informed decision for themselves. They may go into the trial thinking that they don’t need the aid, to discover how much freedom it actually can give them.

If you need help speaking to a friend or loved one about the potential use of a mobility aid in their life, give our friendly staff a call. We can talk you through the options available and answer any questions you might have about the aids, their use, their rental, or purchase, to help inform your conversations. Our trained staff has their well-being at heart, we’re happy to speak to the individual and address any concerns that they might have.