Square cuts of pearl colored bath soap on twine netting

It’s the Perfect Time of Year to Get Cozy with a Warm Bath

Square cuts of pearl colored bath soap on twine netting

Bath Safety and Aids from Pacific Medical Supply

The winter winds, the snow, and icy temperatures all make this the perfect time of year to get cozy and warm up with a nice bath. A cup of tea, a favorite candle, maybe a bath bomb, and you have the perfect evening planned. But the bath tub for many can be as dangerous as it is relaxing. In this post, we’ll outline some safety tips and offer some bath safety tools and supplies that can keep your loved ones, clients, or residents safe and sound.

Bath Safety Tips

Before you take your next bath or shower, or if you are a caregiver, the next time you stop in to see your loved one or client, take a look at the bathroom. Scan the room from floor, to tub, to ceiling and look for potential tripping hazards. Slips and falls are a common injury that can be quite serious.

Bath Mats:

Floor mats are a great way to keep someone from slipping on a wet bathroom floor. Ideally, these bathmats should be minimally plush so that they refrain from becoming a tripping hazard. They should also be lined with a rubber or silicone material to help keep them in place. Select a color that is different from the floor and the bathtub to help them be more visible.

Tub Mats:

The bathtub itself can become a slippery place after a bath or shower. Adhesives that provide grip are a great way to reduce the potential for slips and falls after the tub. These should be replaced every so often so that they stay clean and maintain their grip.

Towel Location:

Make sure that the towel or bathrobe are within reach. When it’s cold, people tend to rush from the tub to their warm towel. This rush can reduce caution and lead to injury.

Bath Safety Tools and Aids

Hand Holds:

Grip bars can be installed in almost any tub or shower, and provide additional stability when getting into or out of a bathtub.

Handheld Shower Heads

Traditional shower heads require the bather to move around in order to get the most out of the water supply. Handheld shower heads, enable a bather to remain seated while successfully and safely enjoying a shower.

Bath and Shower Benches

Pacific Medical Supply offers a range of benches and chairs that are sturdy, remain in place, and provide additional stability and comfort in the bath and shower. These aids enable those with limited mobility to use the bath or shower without having to climb down into and up out of a bathtub, drastically reducing the risk of falling. Click here to browse our different options.

Seated Bathtubs

For those who cannot get up and down easily to physically take a bath, conversion tubs are available. These tubs allow the user to step in and out of a tub that offers users a seat. They quickly fill and drain like a typical bathtub, without any of the risks.