Hugging Mom, coming home after treatment

How to Make Your Home Cozy While You Recover from Surgery

Hugging Mom, coming home after treatment

If you’re having surgery soon, you’re probably going to spend a good bit of time at home recovering. While you’re healing, you need a comfy, cozy atmosphere to allow you a restful recovery. These days, surgery is often an outpatient procedure. Only the most severe surgeries or those with complications allow extended hospital time.

When you get home, comfort and relaxation are your two key goals, so make sure your home is ready to provide that. Pacific Medical Supply outlines a few more steps you can take.

Prioritize Decluttering

Take a look around your home with a critical eye. Where does clutter land and why? Can you clear all that out before you go? What can you pitch? Decluttering your home will also help your recovery because everything will have its place, preventing you from having to dig around the house looking for something. Consider eliminating rugs or anything that could cause a fall. Clean windows and prepare your patio so you can enjoy the sunshine and go outside.

While some advocate decluttering all at once and throwing out anything that doesn’t bring you joy (the Kondo method), the reality is that sometimes we just need stuff that we may not love. However, It’s a good method for those who have trouble making decisions or letting go.

The Spruce notes that most people find it’s easier to go through their belongings room by room. That way, you manage the clutter in sections, giving you a feeling of accomplishment. As you go through each area, you decide what you can get rid of by sorting items into piles of Keep, Sell or Toss. If you keep an item, make sure you have a good place for it. If you live with others, such as a spouse or kids, you can make it a game. Before long, all your clutter will be managed.

Prepare the Shortcuts Now

When it’s time for your surgery, make sure the home is decluttered and all your household chores are finished: laundry, dishes, dusting, etc. This will minimize the amount of work you’ll have to do (or feel like you have to do) when you’re recovering. Before returning home, consider a deep cleaning by pros that specialize in items like furniture and curtains, especially if you have pets that shed. Luckily, these days finding and hiring qualified help is easy. Simply search Angi for “upholstery cleaning services” and browse the customer reviews before making the call.

It’s a good idea to get all the necessary recovery items and gear ahead of time, so it’s all there when you need it most. In addition to selling supplies and mobility devices, Pacific Medical Supply offers rentals for such items as wheelchairs, walkers, and knee walkers. Also, make sure you have a bed that’s on the same floor as your bathroom and kitchen, if possible. If not, look into renting a hospital bed or moving your bed for the recovery period. The less you have to move around to get to the bathroom or kitchen, the better and safer you’ll be.

Stock your kitchen with easy-to-prepare foods so that you can easily feed yourself. Make sure everything you need is within easy reach. Consider outsourcing chores such as laundry to a service, or use friends to help. If your friends offer to help, The Huffington Post suggests saying yes. You won’t win a heroism award for saying no. Let them do your laundry, wash dishes, mow the lawn or whatever they would like to do. And don’t be afraid to speak up and tell them what you need.

Carve Out Time for Extra Rest

Prepare to do a lot of sleeping, too. Blackout curtains or eye shades help, so you can sleep during the day without the interruption of daylight. Get some earplugs. Some people like to mow the lawn or do construction work during the day, which will definitely cause you an unpleasant awakening. Earplugs will help you sleep through it.

Make a playlist of peaceful music so that you can ease the stress of recovery. Get all your favorite songs together to help you relax or read a book. You might even want to create some kind of meditation space to help keep you calm. If you’ll have visitors, consider asking them to come one at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed with entertaining. Have a simple game ready to play, such as chess, checkers or cards, or a puzzle to put together.

Recovering from surgery rarely feels like a vacation. However, with a little advance planning, you can make your recovery a tranquil, relaxing experience that promotes healing.

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By Millie Jones