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How to Help When Your Loved One Has a Chronic Illness

Pacific Medical Supply provides high-quality medical equipment and superior customer service. Call 503-585-2027 If your loved one has a chronic illness, they might need a little help from others to maintain their quality of life. Whether the disease is heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, cystic fibrosis, depression, or any other chronic illness, your loved […]

How to Make Your Home Cozy While You Recover from Surgery

If you’re having surgery soon, you’re probably going to spend a good bit of time at home recovering. While you’re healing, you need a comfy, cozy atmosphere to allow you a restful recovery. These days, surgery is often an outpatient procedure. Only the most severe surgeries or those with complications allow extended hospital time. When […]

Shop Gauze Bandages, Trauma Bandages, Tapes, and More

Pacific Medical Supply Has Bandages and Wraps for All of Your Medical Needs As the premier medical supply company in the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Medical Supply has been offering our clients the best in wound care for over fifty years. We proudly serve both medical professionals and individuals to meet any surgical or wound care […]

Compelling Reasons for Seniors to Learn Technology

Learn Why Seniors are Using More Technology Than Ever, and How Your Loved Ones Could Potentially Benefit Where once seniors fought the use of technology, today many are embracing apps, games, and devices to stay connected, engaged, and challenged. In the past, technology was designed by and for the current generation which made it difficult […]

Music to Our Ears

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors Everyone from newborns to those on hospice care can appreciate music, but for seniors, music therapy can have an array of benefits. From memory recall to movement, the right music and a trained therapist can have a profound impact. Therapists have been using music to both treat specific […]

How to Talk to Seniors About Introducing a Mobility Aid

It’s Less About Aging and More About Freedom For many people, getting older isn’t something to which you look forward. In fact, some downright dread it and everything that comes with it. Lack of mobility is one of the major inspirations for this dread. It signals not only the body beginning to fail, but loss […]

Stay Safe and Enjoy Traveling with Rental Equipment from Pacific Medical

Eliminate the hassle by renting an aid from the experts at Pacific Medical Supply Staying home while family and friends get together is a real bummer. Limited mobility shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the get togethers you enjoy so much, but for many it does. Whether the long distance seems daunting, or the weather makes […]

Enjoying Gardening and Reaping the Healthy Rewards

  Safety Tips for Seniors Taking Up Gardening Gardening is known for its many health benefits from increased levels of vitamin D to healthy exercise. More frequently, doctors are prescribing this outdoor activity for seniors. By staying active and getting time outside, seniors can reap many benefits from this hobby. Studies show numerous benefits of […]

Power Mobility Scooters

          Mobility Scooters Power Your Life with Independence Sometimes getting around can be a challenge, and having a motorized mobility scooter can give you the added power you need.  Pacific Medical Supply offers a range of motorized mobility scooters that do just that, power your independence.  Our helpful team members are […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

What You Should Know About Ice and Fall Prevention Winter is most definitely here. While it might look beautiful, Winter’s chill creates issues for everyone (mobility limitations or not). Freezing rain, leaking or icicle laden gutters, poorly maintained sidewalks are all common hazards during these next few months.  But as much as we might like […]

Peace of Mind for Caregivers

  Peace of Mind for Caregivers A simple piece of equipment can reduce fall risks for loved ones, and stress for caregivers. As our loved ones grow older, the list of things that we have to potentially worry about grows longer. We worry about their health and wellness, or quality of life most of all.  […]

When Should You Consider Using a Sling?

When Should You Consider Using a Sling? Slings are mobility aids or medical devices that are used to immobilize a person’s arm, shoulder, or both, in order to promote healing and protect the user’s range of motion.  There are a number of different reasons a person might consider using a sling.  We’ve outlined some of […]

Staying Active

    Pacific Medical Supply is Your Mobility Aid Specialist The ability to move around is the key to your independence, and quality of life.  Whether due to injury, surgery, or other health complications, sometimes our mobility is impacted, creating the need for assistance.  Staying active is still achievable. You just need to find the […]

Strain vs. Sprain

Strain vs. Sprain Explained A strain vs. sprain depends on whether or not muscles, tendons and/or ligaments are stretched or torn.  Strains are the more serious version that impact muscles and tendons (the thick bands that attach muscles to bones). They occur from quick twists, tears, or pulls of the muscle. Pain, weakness and spasms […]

Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway

  Perhaps you’ve been driving along and noticed a sign letting you know that you are on a “scenic byway.” Or, if you’re a paddler, you may be aware that there are numerous wild and scenic rivers designated by the National Park System. But did you know that the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway is the […]

Yoga vs. Tai Chi

  While both ancient Asian practices have numerous and similar benefits, there are some significant differences as well. When comparing Yoga vs. Tai Chi, choosing your favorite depends upon what you are looking for. Both are typically gentler, low-to-no impact forms of exercise with additional mindfulness benefits, and each focuses on the movement of energy […]

Lift Chairs Bringing In-Home Comfort

Mobility is important for health and vitality.  Aging, surgery, and arthritis are among a few things that can reduce your mobility.  The good news is that there are many helpful resources available to keep your independence, reduce risk of injury, and ultimately, improve daily living! We want to help you find comfort in your home […]

Winter Wheelchair Mobility | Recommendations for Safety and Ease

Wheelchair accessibility and mobility are always top priority, but certain factors can cause additional worry. Winter weather is one such situations. As the holidays are upon us and family gatherings are common, we thought it would be helpful to discuss some recommendations for winter wheelchair mobility. The following are some tips to ensure safety and […]

5 Winter Health Tips – Keeping Warm, Safe, and Well

Ever notice more people getting sick when the clouds roll in? It’s not a coincidence—some people are at greater risk for certain illnesses and accidents due to the cold. Read on to figure out ways to boost winter health for you and your loved ones. 1. Warmth – Reducing the health risks associated with colder […]

Good Posture = Increased Vitality

Over time, we tend to develop poor posture from daily activities like sitting at a desk, carrying a purse, and driving. It causes back and neck pain and puts pressure on the spine. It can also cause fatigue and increase wear and tear on joints.  Fortunately, having good posture is within our control. It is a […]