Teddy bear with bandages on his head, around one leg and two bandaids over his heart

Shop Gauze Bandages, Trauma Bandages, Tapes, and More

Pacific Medical Supply Has Bandages and Wraps for All of Your…
Square cuts of pearl colored bath soap on twine netting

It’s the Perfect Time of Year to Get Cozy with a Warm Bath

Bath Safety and Aids from Pacific Medical Supply The winter…
Disaster preparation kit flat lay. Items needed for disaster preparedness

How to Prepare for Wildfires & Natural Disasters

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that anything can…
Young lady showing photos on smartphone to grandpa with laptop nearby both people are smiling

Compelling Reasons for Seniors to Learn Technology

Learn Why Seniors are Using More Technology Than Ever, and…
Seniors riding bicycles outside smiling on a sunny day

At Home Care for Individuals with Incontinence

Tips and Products That Can Help Your Loved Ones Remain in Their…
Quaint home in the fall time

Tips on Remaining in Your Home as You Age

Save Money and Retain Your Independence with Some of These…
Senior Riding Motor Scooter by green fields under blue sky

How to Talk to Seniors About Introducing a Mobility Aid

It’s Less About Aging and More About Freedom For many people,…
Girl in winter clothes covering her face with sad vibe

Avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder this Winter

Did you know that staying active and getting out of doors safely…
Person holding small tree with dirt on their hands

Enjoying Gardening and Reaping the Healthy Rewards

  Safety Tips for Seniors Taking Up Gardening Gardening…
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Living With Arthritis

Living With Arthritis Between the pain and the fatigue, living…
Buzzaround Scooter at Pacific Medical Supply Salem Oregon - power mobility scooters

Power Mobility Scooters

          Mobility Scooters Power Your Life with Independence Sometimes…
Elderly woman in kitchen washing vegetables over sink - maintaining independence

Maintain Your Independence

Manual Mobility Aids for Home and Beyond When you need a bit…
man pushing woman in wheelchair on sidewalk - caregivers

Peace of Mind for Caregivers

  Peace of Mind for Caregivers A simple piece…
man with cane bending down to pet yorkie - staying active - mobility aids

Staying Active

    Pacific Medical Supply is Your Mobility…
Hanging on the side of the pool - Swimming for Exercise
snow shovel | winter wheelchair mobility | Pacific Medical Supply Salem Oregon

Winter Wheelchair Mobility | Recommendations for Safety and Ease

Wheelchair accessibility and mobility are always top priority,…
winter blankets and decorations - 5 winter health tips - Pacific Medical Supply Salem

5 Winter Health Tips – Keeping Warm, Safe, and Well

Ever notice more people getting sick when the clouds roll…
Woman sitting on yoga mat with good posture - facing the ocean on the beach

Good Posture = Increased Vitality

Over time, we tend to develop poor posture from daily activities…
Walker, Rollator, Rolling Walker - Manual Mobility

Choosing the Best Walker for You

Benefits of a Walker Using a walker increases mobility, independence,…
woman bringing casserole and meal - post surgical resources

Rallying Your Resources Post-Surgery

If you are facing a major surgery with extended downtime, it…
happy new year with champagne glasses

Commit To Move Your Body: Happy New Year From PacMed Supply Salem

We wish you, our customers, a heartfelt THANK YOU for your continued…

Winter Safety For Your Wheelchair, Walker, Cane, and YOU

Cold, wet, or icy weather can put a cramp on your otherwise mobile…